What Are Anabolic Steroids? Are they Really Effective

Anabolic steroids are synthetic analogues of testosterone. Testosterone is a male sexual hormone.

It is an active substance that stimulates the growth of tissues and it is one of the top 3 anabolic supplements. One of such tissues is the muscular tissue. Anabolic steroids are very effective preparations that are widely used in medicine and sports. The list of prohibited preparations that are used in sports grows constantly, and at the present time has gone up to ten thousand names or denominations. However, it would not be good to exaggerate their role in achieving good results in sports. To all useful things there is a limit, over which harm or damage begins.

The absence of trustworthy information may lead to the point, that some people severely criticize anabolic steroids, and others use them in very large quantities, and as a result, they become harmful to the health of people. Many substances are enumerated to doping which do not cause any harm to the organism. And conversely, many harmful preparations are not related to doping at all. In any case, the use of doping drugs must be under strict control of a doctor.

The wider use of anabolic steroids in sports, and also in medicine made it possible to get trustworthy information about the unwanted side effects of their influence or action on the organism. If a doctor prescribes anabolic preparations for curing a disease, the course of treatment must be strictly observed. And also the dosage must be strictly controlled. At a definite degree this process is under control. In professional sports there is another situation. Majority of sportsmen who use steroids do not think about the fact, that steroids can cause harm to their health. They concentrate only on the growth of their success in sports, which they think steroids can help to achieve. As a result, they greatly increase the dosage. And this can negatively affect their health.

It is absolutely useless to prohibit or ban steroids. If there is a need in them, then they will continue to be in use. Prohibition cannot help to solve the problem. Anabolic steroids are a reality. And the task of doctors and trainers must not be in criticizing steroids, but in real assistance to the sportsmen, in order to gain understanding of this question or problem.

We are not for or against anabolic steroids and other doping drugs.

We want sportsmen to acquire full information about such drugs, and about their action on the organism, possible risk for their health, medical methods of controlling the conditions of the organism, doping control and disqualifications. After considering all pros and cons (for and against), every athlete must take the decision himself – whether to use steroids or not.